I am not a big organized ride kind of guy. A local friend here in Ohio used to do Tour of Colorado every year and due to it shutting down Bicycle Tour of Colorado retires after funding woes Biking Bis was looking for an alternative and found Cycleoregon and then invited me to join he and his buddy. I ended up recruiting three other riders so we were six Ohio yokels doing Cycleoregon all for the first time.
So please accept his as my humble summary of the plusses and minuses.
On the positive side;
1) Friendly staff including what I am sure were underpaid college kids schlepping bags and tents and running the Tent Porter thing.
2) Generally a great route with some very challenging climbs and fantastic scenery (go to cycleoregon.com to see the '19 route)
3) Generally good organization; things ran on time without exception.
4) Co-Motion. Dave from Co-Motion was lending singles and tandems to riders in need free of charge. He came up to me due to my Rob English asking to take a photo of me alongside my bike to send to Rob.
On the negative side quite unfortunately;
1) The organizers don't seem to acknowledge their demographic; the average rider age had to be 60+ and yet the ride was brutally tough, harder than even the above average well-trained 60+ rider can handle for seven days. The sag wagons were full on the fourth and seventh day.
2) There were some treacherous road choices, particularly Route 97 near the dying town of Chemult. Everyone had a story to tell of almost getting hit by a car.
3) There were some unfortunate choices for places to stay overnight-Oakridge had loud traffic and La Pine ended up being a farmers field with some strange mogul sized mounds of either dirt or cow manure everywhere including under our tents.
4) Ever tried to stomach an overflowing porta-potty? Need I say more?
5) Treacherous descents. I have descended mountains all over this Country and overseas and between the degree of descent, hidden ruts and potholes, unexpected gravel and cinders, and off-camber turns, this was a ride for disc braked bikes. Again, the aimed-for demographic was out of whack with the route.

I would love to hear from anyone else who rode this ride with their thoughts.