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Thread: Wrench/tech needed at high end city bike shop in TriBeCa.

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    Default Wrench/tech needed at high end city bike shop in TriBeCa.

    So my place is in need of at least one mechanic.
    High, high concentration of internally geared, drum/roller brake builds and the corresponding family friendly accessories (panniers, child seats, etc).

    Not much, if any, really nasty difficult stuff. You won't be doing tuneups on decades old Magnas, and you're not going to have guys bitching at you b/c you didn't get their PowerTap calibrated perfectly.

    90% of your work will be new bike builds, 30 day check overs on recently purchased bikes, and accessory installs on bike that have just sold or we sold previously. We're not gonna be standing by you with a stopwatch, as we're into quality builds over quantity.

    Pay is commensurate with experience, and in my opinion, a little better than what you'd find at most other shops.

    We're cool to each other here, have a decent time, and occasionally drink beer on the stoop after work and admire the scenery.

    PM me for deets.

    Thanks all.

    OH-and if you want to sell high end city bikes PM me too.
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