This barn we are renting has a Vizio with four HMDI ports. 1-2-3 don't even register the presence of a connection. #4 will initially say "Retrieving Data" and then flips to a blue screen that says "No Signal". I've tried 3 different kinds of HDMI cables, all of which work with other TV's, and I've done a bunch of different powering off and on routines I've found on the Internuts. The MacBook Pro (Thunderbolt 3>Apple HDMI adapter>HDMI) sees the TV, switches automatically to mirror and accepts the optimal display settings for the television. Nada. Cable box is connected to a component connection and works fine. The landlord has no idea what's going on. Head scratcher.

Can HDMI ports burn out? Is there a magic word? Alternatives?

I am really tired of watching my laptop screen.