Actually, I do have words.

Biden's statement may have lacked a clear call to action, but he is right: It's past time to take action, and step one is the gun lobby.

Something like 90% of all Americans - D and R - support background checks. But the Senate fails to advance legislation - against the wishes of their constituents - because R senators are in the pocket of the lobby.

What is needed to take this small step (as background checks alone will not prevent another school shooting), as we need to start somewhere?

Looking at precedents for social / cultural change, the adoption of the bicycle in the Netherlands is a great example to discuss here:

The Dutch responded to a boom in vehicular homicide - hundreds of children killed per year - with a grass roots movement known as "Stop Child Murder" which facilitated public policy that restricted vehicle use and promoted bicycling.

The US needs a similar "stop child murder" movement. The Dutch have shown it's possible.

How do we do it?

PS to gun lovers...

Please keep your hand guns, hunting guns. Enjoy. But show up for kids and families and teachers and LEOs, and agree - no, insist - that full auto military weapons should be legal and rare - i.e., restricted use. You know, like vehicles - licensed, insured, etc. The Constitution provides for liberty, which implies freedom of movement - however it doesn't explicitly mention a right to own and use motor vehicles, and we live in a society where said vehicles are regulated. Similarly, the Constitution did not mention automatic weapons, yet somehow some of us think it's a right to own Howitzers and tactical nukes - whether we are active members of a militia or not. Enough already.

I hope everyone's kids make it home from school today. And tomorrow. etc.