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    Default The healthy habits thread

    Note: please move on if you plan to be negative or unhelpful

    So here goes. Two and a half years of Covid. Young kids stuck on zoom school for a year, and my industry getting hammered due to the pandemic and it’s after effects. Contributors to, but not excuses for, some less than healthy behaviors over the last couple years. Socially distanced driveway beers with the neighbors were a godsend during the initial lockdown but not so worthwhile as the pandemic dragged on. For me it was always, “I’ll tighten things up once xyz happens: vaccines. Kids back to school, after this vacation, etc,” and it just hasn’t happened yet.

    That ended (fingers crossed) recently and I’ve just gotten through our industry’s largest conference (late nights, long dinners, drinks after) on Pellegrino alone and feel a pretty strong amount of conviction to keep going. My kids’ soccer season starts this weekend and I’m coaching the younger ones. Plenty of 8:30am games to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for. That’s one great reason alone.

    I’m not sure where the end is, but part of me wants to target Jan 1, 2024, to challenge myself to get through and entire year of bike rides, beach vacations, Ireland (ahh..Guinness), and two holiday seasons, to reset my internal social norms surrounding drinking and then see where I am.

    This goal may evolve over time, but any and all encouragement is appreciated.
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