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Thread: 2020 Political Chatter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Kelly View Post
    That would require Scotty from marketing to have a sense of shame. Not a highly valued attribute with the marketing team.
    With Trump gone, Morrison is going to have do something other than sit on his hands. Covid saved him from an extistential crisis on climate change as 12 months ago this place was burning. Yes there is a long way to go on Covid, but if the US under Biden resumes sane international relations, then climate change will be back on the agenda and we cannot afford to be an international pariah on this issue (and we can't afford the consequences in any event if the fires in spring 2019 and summer 2019/20 are any guide).

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    I'm actually hopeful that despite my derision, Scotty is enough of a Howard disciple to see that the wind has changed and he needs to face down the right wing crazies in his own party (Craig Kelly, I'm looking at you).

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