Preface: The day prior, I was helping Jose out in the pit. 2 guys came in at 2 different times complaining that their Ritchey WCS topper slipped. Which they did. But that's not a mechanical. No free lap. They got grumpy. Tough shit.

Saturday I found myself working RS4 of Hotter'n Hell by myself. I was overwhelmed with people needing tires and tubes, the occasional chain, cables...and "that guy."

I'm helping a lady with a tube change. She had waited in line just like everyone else. At this point, my line was 10 or so deep, and had been for about an hour. I'm frustrated as my help never showed, so I'm getting people in and out as quickly as possible, chatting as little as possible. As I'm helping her "that guy" states "yeah, my computer isn't working. I just got it. You guys actually installed it."
Me: "man, I don't really have time to check computer issues right now."
"TG": "Well it's just stopped working. Magnets are good and sensors are placed right."
Me: Geeze, man, I've got a lot of people waiting..." (I'm still helping prior lady)
"TG": "Well then what do you suggest I do?"

Me: Well you've got 59mi to go. Head that way.

If that were in Scrubs, I would've run around and hi-fived everyone there. But it wasn't, so he'll probably write a letter bitching about me.