Paste from blog:

Las Vegas: Pulled Armstrong around for a few laps during the “Cross Vegas” race. We were in 23rd place. Fans of the Lance were running next to us as if their lives depended on it, shouting at him to “go” and “get him”. After some time I pulled over to let the Lance pull through. He said that he was spent and couldn’t go any faster. Then he attacked me 3 minutes later, so I guess he was just kidding. He may have cracked the top 20, but we both know the truth.

Rally Racing: During my hiatus from cyclocross, I spent several weeks eating, drinking and cursing in my garage in preparation for the Mt. Hood Rally. With not a second to spare, the project was finished and we were ready to pack up and head out. Adam had the bright idea that we should go “shakedown” the car a bit more. I agreed, so we drove for 11 minutes, whereupon all enginey-movement ceased. No Mt Hood. After several nights of scratching my head, discovered the STI engine had jumped 3 timing teeth. Four teeth means tear your engine apart and throw money inside. I celebrated with a beer.

9 days of Japan: Big Red (roommate extraordinaire) and I flew to Japan to catch up with our old mentor, Jeff Burnard, and see the World Rally Championship races there. For Halloween, we went as tall people who speak only the japanese for “thankyou” and “sorry”. We stayed in character the whole trip. It was a hit. Went on some great mtb rides with Jeff down centuries old shrine trails in the mountains. Rode bullet trains the length of the country. Payed lots of money to watch some rally cars drive around in a building. We were then placed under some sort of “house arrest” (only for maybe 9 hours) in the forests of Hokkaido the next day when we tried to actually see some rally action. The following day, we skipped the rally and instead went to the Sapporo Brewery, where we drank beer and cooked raw meats over open flame at our own table (after putting our jackets in the provided sacks so that they wouldn’t get greasy from touching any surface in the building). One long nap, a couple more sits on the most amazing toilets on earth (just don’t blow-dry) and we were headed back home.

9 days of Cyclocross: After a respite from the round and round, I put in a month of training for the last two weekends of the US ‘cross calendar in December. Went to CA for a while and rode around. Rode some trails I shouldn’t have. Passed a guy on a sportbike coming down from Mount Baldy on my TCR road bike. Worked as Adam’s pit crew for his first AMA Supermoto Race at Infineon Raceway. Trained myself into pretty good shape, thankyou very much. Then I went to Portland and lined up last at the Grands Prix ‘cuz I hadn’t been racing cross, and thus had no points. Had a good time riding the new TCX in the mud, and rode into the teens on both days. Then a flight to Kansas City to race nationals on a course that had “Ryan Trebon” written all over it. I say that about courses sometimes, but this time, his name was actually painted right on the sluggish soft grass. Along with some phalluses. Ryan won. I thought my #130 plate meant I was starting in 30th place. I was wrong. Apparently, I still didn’t have any UCI points…Had a good time passing lots of dudes for half the race and then finished where I thought I’d start. Maybe I’ll suck less when Nationals are in Bend the next two years. Actually, you can take the “maybe” out of that statement. I’m gonna go paint my name on that course as soon as the snow melts.

Late Snow, Then lots of snow: Took a while, but winter is here with a vengeance, so lots of skiing of every flavor the last few weeks. Gotta get in shape for the uber-important and totally irrational “Winter Triathlon National Championships” this weekend up at Mt Bachelor. Wish me fun.

Giant MTB Team