Rode 189km w/ 3000m climbing on Saturday and noticed when I stopped for a sandwich a strong burning sensation on the top of my left kneecap. I didn't notice it during the ride so I ignored it just hoping to be able to make it home which I did fine. Monday I went for a short recovery spin and didn't notice anything and tonight I rode 40km w/ two 5-7km climbs and my kneecap is sore w/ sharp pain to the touch but I didn't notice any discomfort riding. My longest ride this season was 140km and I often climb around 2400m elevation training so I don't think I did too much too soon but 7+ hours in the saddle was definitely a long day. I have been tweaking my saddle height and thought I was happy with it but if anyone's experienced a similar pain in the front of their kneecap I'd love to hear how you remedied it.