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Thread: UCI Track WC - London

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    Default UCI Track WC - London

    Don't know how many of you saw it, but Bobby Lea made the podium in the Omnium after a near miss in London in August. He seems to have been having a good year, and he was actually leading the Omnium right up to the final points race I believe. But Rendon of Columbia was unstoppable while Lea's energy seemed to be going the opposite direction, and he finished in third with Law of Australia in second. Still it was exciting to watch. The Omnium is a great event.

    Lauria Trott and Kristina Vogel are incredible. The acceleration those two women have. At one point, Trott was in third or fourth coming around the final corner into the finishing straight and finished first. Looked like instantaneous speed.

    Why don't we have a Track WC event in the US again?
    Jorn Ake


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    Default Re: UCI Track WC - London

    Quote Originally Posted by j44ke View Post

    Lauria Trott and Kristina Vogel are incredible.
    I watched the UCI youtube feed yesterday, I never miss a world cup event it's such a great cycling tv event.
    The women are the best to watch, not sure why, but the match ups and performances are super entertaining.
    KV is a favorite of mine, she's amazing. It looked like she had the gold in the Keirin until the last meter,
    and the women's team sprint, 0.01 seconds is about as close as you can get! Too bad she has to settle for
    two silvers and a gold... not a bad weekend!

    EPOst hoc ergo propter hoc

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    Default Re: UCI Track WC - London

    remember back last year when that relatively unknown girl won Presby? My how far she's come.

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