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Thread: Smart Rollers

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    Default Smart Rollers

    Anyone use them? Pros and cons?

    I've always enjoyed rollers sessions over a static trainer. I haven't owned an indoor riding apparatus of any sort in about 5 years, but since I'm relocating to somewhere that actually does have wet and cold winters, I might end up doing a bit of indoor riding again in the future. That, and I have a good friend here who I'm going to miss the heck out of when I move who happens to be a big Zwift nerd, so I thought it would be a fun way to keep in touch with him when I move (much like my failed attempt to learn how to play xbox games to keep in touch with my little brother when I moved to this side of the pond).

    I honestly had no idea that smart-rollers were a thing, but it makes sense to have variable resistances and I guess if you're into the gaming side of cycling, to be able to connect to Zwift etc. So who here uses them? Do they work well? Do they feel like true rollers? Give me your knowledge, fellow bike dorks.
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    Default Re: Smart Rollers

    My smartrollers are InsideRide mated to Zwift for winter fitness. I enjoy using them.
    They are reasonably quiet and interact smoothly with Zwift to keep things entertaining.

    They certainly help preserve form yet are not ideal if you have aspirations for Zwift racing.
    Riders racing on regular trainers can go "all out" since they do not need to control the bicycle.

    My sense is rollers are also less likely to damage expensive bicycles since they are not clamped-in.
    After observing the twisting and flexing in videos, only a "throwaway" bicycle would be used on a trainer.

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