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Thread: Saving computer streams (how to?)

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    Default Saving computer streams (how to?)

    Does anybody here know how to grab/ save the live video streams from the web? Applications?
    One of the few races I still line up for coincides with Flanders in a few weeks and I hate to miss either.

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    Default Re: Saving computer streams (how to?)

    I don't know how to do that. But I do usually manage to find torrents of the races after the fact. Shouldn't be too hard for a big race like Flanders.

    I just registered on but haven't actually poked around yet. I suspect it'll be pretty good though. I've had pretty good luck on up to this point.

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    Default Re: Saving computer streams (how to?)

    I was watching Paris-Nice and was sure Phil Ligget said both Roubaix and Flanders will be broadcast live on NBCSports. Can't you just set up the DVR on the TV?
    Flanders and Roubaix Live on NBC Sports Network - Podium Cafe

    I prefer to DVR the races since 30% of the broadcast time seems to be Michelob Light/Lance commercials and I can just skip ahead. .
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