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Thread: Saratoga Frameworks . . . dead already?

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    Glad for Scott and Co. Very exciting times indeed. Also excited that we recovered the Gaulzetti frames that were stuck in the Saratoga paint facility during their 'lockdown' last week.

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    Serotta, Divine, Leaving it Behind | RKP

    The last time RKP reported on an industry squabble, Fuji Bikes‘ owner, ASI, wrote the epilogue. ASI swooped in and embarrassed Specialized by reminding the world that they owned the trademark for Roubaix. It was a forehead slapper.

    Guess what? ASI owns a trademark for the name Saratoga in the bike industry. Srsly. They have produced a bicycle by that name for nearly 30 years; back in the ’80s it was a road bike, but these days it’s a cruiser.

    Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

    Any effort by Case to try to sell any intellectual property connected to Saratoga Frameworks will have to overcome ASI’s objections. And they will object; an effort to reach a settlement deal with Case last fall was never completed; given what everyone tells me about how he does business, this isn’t remotely surprising.
    Dustin Gaddis
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