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Thread: Rapha Gent's Race Write Ups

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    Default Rapha Gent's Race Write Ups

    Inquiring about blogs, stories, photos, or anything else that teams did to detail their collective experiences at the 2012 Rapha NE Gentlemen's Race. I got lazy and did not represent my team by writing up our experience. Given my horrific hypothermia followed by loss of brakes and near crashing I should put pen to paper. But without pictures I find it hard to detail exactly what was going on. Memories stoked by others' musings would be great though.

    Kind of a big deal . . .

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    Default Re: Rapha NE Gent's Race Write Ups

    Didn't ride it, but talked to some friends who did.

    Something like 180 teams showed up. Went through my town, yet I never saw huge packs of riders. It was a hot day that turned quite nasty - heavy rain, thunderstorms. Same day, not too far away, a teenager was struck and killed by lightning. Route sounded way over the top, like the course designer hunted out every dirt road he could find, as long as it was uphill, that is. So many turns that quite a few teams got lost. My buddies were totally trashed by the end.

    Don't feel like I missed out on anything skipping that one...

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    Default Re: Rapha NE Gent's Race Write Ups

    Missed this thread. Nice write up Soren.
    Still like road bikes better for courses like this though.

    Great ride, great course, great beer.

    Great bunch of people and an awesome course that was designed to show some of the best riding the Upper Valley has to offer. It was designed to be hard, but not too tough - some of the UVE's had more climbing (and snow...).

    Thunderstorm and heavy rain in the afternoon, but the sun broke through just as we returned after a 128 hard ridden miles (added a few miles at around mile 90).


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