I'm not a dentist/doctor/lawyer, so I may have reached my midlife crisis; I bought a titanium frame. This is particularly frightening, considering I haven't reached 33. It's a used Litespeed Siena, a reasonable foray into this material realm. I'm sure that Tom, Mike, Baum, Carl, Vertigo, the fine people at IF could build me a frame more suited to me, but it will do for now.

The threads are all in find shape in the bottom bracket. The headset is an integrated type and the bearings dropped in just fine.

Do I need to apply some kind of prep compound before installing the bottom bracket? The seatpost I'd like to install - an Am Classic Ti post - seems to be a really tight fit. It's the appropriate size, but it jams up at about 2" in. Any suggestions?

Anything else you would do to prep the frame for use? Winter use?