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Thread: new cycling magazine - what do you read?

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    Default new cycling magazine - what do you read?

    Just saw this over on Red Kite Prayer -

    peloton magazine : Red Kite Prayer

    Link to magazine: Peloton: fuel for the ride

    Made me think of what's out there and what I read regularly. I subscribe to both Road and VeloNews, and almost always buy Ride (Australian) but otherwise browse the other publications via my local newsstand. (I cannot stand Road Bike Action, BTW! But I digress!) I've scanned Rouleur at my local bike shop but never subscribed - too expensive.

    What do you read and why?

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    Default Re: new cycling magazine - what do you read?

    I read Ride- some great articles from a non Lance based media- and I'll read cycling plus from the UK for reviews of things the US mags won't touch- lights, fenders, stuff rando riders use. About the only US mag I'll read is embrocation. When I need a hit of "why I ride" I'll grab an issue and read an article or two.



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