I've sent multiple emails directly on this, but figured I'd post to the forums here in the final stretch as I have a feeling plenty of builders still lurk here on VSalon!

If you are a commercial framebuilder of any scale (read: if you offer frames/bikes for sale) in the U.S. I would greatly appreciate you completing my online Survey of U.S. Framebuilders. I'm a professor of sociology at James Madison University and this is part of my ongoing research into the handbuilt bike trade (earlier paper from which, about NAHBS and its role in the niche, can be found here or via my email) and will hopefully provide a more systematic and comprehensive snapshot of the state of the trade, how people are making a living, what stuff they are making, etc. You can complete the survey confidentially (most have done it this way) or anonymously, but either way: none of your personally identifying/individual data will ever be released publicly in any fashion! I also appeared on a short episode of Patrick Brady/Red Kite Prayer's "The Pull" podcast recently, talking a bit more about the project, if people want to hear more as well.

I'm hoping to close the survey at the end of September, so I'd ask that you complete it in the next two weeks. Looking behind the scenes, it has taken the typical respondent about 10-12 minutes to complete the survey.

You can find the survey here: