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Thread: Bike retailing

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    Interesting article on Velo Tech (listen to the audio)--up in Portland, runs cycling (Bike Tires Direct), golf, etc. sites.

    Love the part where the guy employed his middle school kids in the early days!

    It's pretty amazing to think of how the internet changed the face of retailing.

    It wasn't even that long ago that places like Nashbar, Performance, Colorado Cyclist, Excel, Cambria B.O., and others were the only (?) big game in town when it came to mail order, and it was via the old fashioned way: a printed catalog and a phone/fax line.

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    Default Re: Bike retailing

    Quote Originally Posted by 54ny77 View Post
    ...the old fashioned way: a printed catalog and a phone/fax line.
    Early days it was just Xerox sheets from the first mail order houses. Colorado Cyclist was always yellow paper IIRC. Bikeology comes to mind as well.

    I'd still rather sit down with a glossy Campy catalog than open a PDF.




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