In trying to get more volume in my training, I have taken to riding a few days in a row when I can.

Realizing that real intensity is not good on consecutive days, my thought is that I can get a good amount of quality work (tempo, threshold, etc.) during a period where I am trying to work on endurance/weight management -- I have a few doubles to ride, but no real goals other than riding strong and finishing.

This is probably a bad example, but last week I climbed about 30 thousand feet (almost like a mini-training camp) ... I could feel the fatigue but ended up setting a PR on a climb for the year on the seventh day of consecutive riding. This is probably because I do not often go all out on that climb as a test, but often do 2X20s ... still, it felt like a breakthrough, was great fun (and I lost a few pounds).

Anyone else integrate block training and do it more systematically?