Hand (re) made. I'll throw up a couple of pics of the start of the restoration of a 1974 Scout we recently acquired. If there is interest I'll keep it going in a high-level sort of way just to show what can be involved. My 14 y/o son is my main helper on this project (or it might be the other way around). I've retored a few cars in the past - a 1969 Caddy and a 73 VW Thing and a Manx) but I'm by no means an expert in this stuff. I do love an involved project, and now that the boy is bigger the chance to work on something together and see his skill develop along the way is the big draw for me. The boy will likely be doing all of thew welding - he's just better at it than I am. I can still out-braze him by a mile, but am no where near the welder. He has been welding the nicely fit perfectly clean chromo bike frame tubes and learning to deal with the wackiness of sheet metal and "not perfect" metal is an interesting challenge for him.

Doesn't look too bad!


Passenger side floor:


Working on the removal of the rear floor: