An oh so Vsalon addition to my office Ö

Pre-Covid, my home office was used a few hours a day but rarely all day. A few months into Covid, my neck was hurting incredibly. The old desk was an Ikea dining room table with a keyboard tray. To help get all the ergonomics right, I bought a standing desk base and mounted the Ikea table top to the base unit. While functional, it was a little small and not the prettiest. A friend decided to become a wood worker. He purchased saws and things and offered to make me a table top. I went to a local lumber yard to pick up some inexpensive wood. Upon arrival, they were out. Bait and Switch? Idk. While there, I walked the aisles and fell in love with a Brazilian wood called Sapele.

Like learning any craft, there were many mistakes. Every step took 10x as long as it might. He read books, he read blogs, and he watched youtube. We met on Sunday mornings to ride bikes and talk about learning a new skill and all he had learned during the week. Along the way, there were frustrations and needing to take a week or month away from the project. There were family events and work distractions. All of which extended the project.

2 years later, I helped my friend unload a beautiful table top. Once here, it sat for another month while we got over colds and travel etc. Attaching the standing desk base, the keyboard trays, the wire holders, etc etc to the table top took over 20 screws all with pilot holes. To ensure I didnít drill right through 2 years of work, there was a brief trip to Rockler to pick up a drill guide.

The result is nice. May I keep it clean for at least another 24 hrs before the coffee starts spilling, ink drops, or lunch makes an unrecoverable mess :).