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    My partner is transitionning into interior design and I saw her using our windows on a regular basis for drawing/tracing purpose. I decided she could do with being more comfortable and built her a light table using some scrap wood, a led strip, plexiglass and aluminium tape.

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    Nice work!
    Jorn Ake


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    NIce. I once built a light box for a studio´s electronic flash. I used wood strips to make the structure which were filled w/ styrofoam. Next i used glue and newspapers soaked w/ water. The structure was reasonably light and very rigid. Painted the outside in black, covered the insides w/ aluminum foil and tuned the light diffusion w/ layers of tracing paper(what we call "papel vegetal"). While using black and white film, i had a better light than the w/ boxes i later bought.
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