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Thread: Friday PicFest No.425

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    Default Friday PicFest No.425


    Among all the 4 X 5 transparencies Ive been posting there are a few dozen sheets with slides. This one from 1994 was taken by Peter Brentlinger. Im thinking it was part of a series for the really expensive 4-color and eight panels if not more brochure I was doing. Lemme tell ya that was a trip and a half. It was the transition era between digital printing and whatever it would be replacing (I dont know the jargon). Everything we were doing- the shooter, the design team, a few subs was analog and then converted to 1s and 0s as the last step before the pressmen took over and spit out boxes and thousands of printed pieces.

    This picture was set up to illustrate work in progress. The message in this one is often missed. So Ill explain it. I wanted some thumbnail images that showed that the braze-ons on my frames are always added to the tubes before the tubes are assembled into fixtures and made into frames. Its an industry standard for the bosses and stops to be put on once the frames are done, a last step if you will. An afterthought. Some menial chore given to a lesser skilled member of the staff. That never made sense to me.

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    Default Re: Friday PicFest No.425

    Travel frame with S&S couplers, T47 bb shell, polydrops, 44mmHT, and dropper searpost routing.

    Thanks! NATE

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    Default Re: Friday PicFest No.425

    Got to build this sweet cruiser for the winner of a raffle benefiting the Arizona Trail Association. 2 speed Kick Back Coaster; Frame, Fork, and Bars in house. Setup for urban, equally at home on dirt. Backwards Geometry.

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    Default Re: Friday PicFest No.425

    Finished up this week , 26" tire hardtail . Off to powder coat
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Andrew Cooper
    Let's Build More Bikes

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    Default Re: Friday PicFest No.425

    This one back from the painter. Still needs a bit of cleanup after de-masking etc. Can't wait to get it out in the sun.

    A reminder of before....

    20170318_000331 by Sean Doyle, on Flickr

    and after......

    20170513_173025 by Sean Doyle, on Flickr

    20170513_172135 by Sean Doyle, on Flickr

    20170513_172345 by Sean Doyle, on Flickr

    20170513_172224 by Sean Doyle, on Flickr

    20170513_172325 by Sean Doyle, on Flickr

    20170513_172420 by Sean Doyle, on Flickr

    20170513_172850 by Sean Doyle, on Flickr

    20170513_172914 by Sean Doyle, on Flickr

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    Sean Doyle

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    Default Fraser Supersport titanium frame building photos

    This is my second post here at VS. New here but have been building frames since around 2004. I took my bikes to NAHBS in 2007. I was so excited to be there, I remember talking with Richard and offering him one of my brand new business cards and he said, "What am I going to do with that?" Good point. I shared shop space with Brian Baylis when I first started painting. Those were the best work days of my life, paint in the mornings when the kids were at school then head back to my garage to make a frame while the kids did their homework. I stopped making frames for sale in April of 2008. Anybody remember those days?

    I'm here today to say that I'm posting build photos on Instagram under fraserss as I build a frame for Brian in Connecticut. This frame was the subject of an auction through the vet organisation

    Here's a photo of a ST BB subassy fixture I really enjoy using. Cheers.

    Scott Dion

    photo (22).jpg

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