How to report a post on Vsalon and why would you do such a thing?
From time to time you may see something on the Salon that is considered questionable content. If in doubt, click the "report post" symbol located at the bottom of each post. Looks like this (Lane I'm picking on you because you possess a large sense of humor and geeze dewd "as if" wink):

The Vsalon moderator team may contact you and ask for a simple explanation. Help us do our job by answering if asked.

As of 12/18/2015 short term or long term banning may happen if your conduct has been determined to be unacceptable by the moderation team.

Also, if you have been banned and wish to re-join the nuthouse please contact us with a brief explanation.

This place exists because of you, help us to set the tone and maintain a high standard.

This is a closed thread that may be updated from time to time with additions and clarification.