Please post pictures of those faves that are no longer doing service , or are in that "rough" state before the restore/rebuild; "battle scars" and all!

'97-'99 (?) GT (Edge ?) "Saturn" Team bike; apparently raced by Brian Walton. Shown as rescued (minus a little grime) from an inglorious fate of a "convenience store" commuter. This was being abused and came without wheels, a bag of cassette sprockets, locked up derailleurs, and gooey bar tape; all around dirty and greasy. Waiting to determine what original Mavic wheelset was installed (possibly Mavic Cosmic (Carbone?)), replacing/restoring the Dura-Ace group. Reynolds 853 frame, carbon aero fork. I haven't found an exact example match for this bike to determine its year. It has the "flat profile" top tube "extension', whereas most have the "rounded/shorter profile" top tube "extension" that otherwise match this frame. If anyone has info on this bike I'd be glad to hear it. Most parts are on hand so it's time to finally pull it off the wall and start the build.