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Huge tyre clearance - that's so cool! How do we go about ordering one and how long is the wait time?

The paint looks really nice. Flakes really is Japanese an NJS specialty.
He's contactable via his website http://samson-strada.com/ (email link down low) or he's responsive by Facebook messenger - https://www.facebook.com/tetsuro.harada.14

We had most things sorted online but I was in Japan so passed by to finalise things, mostly the paint choice.

This is his 'Elaborate' model which is a fixed price for a traditional lugged frameset, in that you have pretty much free reign of lug choice (in this case Samson lugs and Richard Sachs rear dropouts), fork/crown, tubing, paint, chrome, cable routing, geometry. His Illusion model is for anything above that - odd geometries, recut lugs, bilam etc etc.

Turnaround was a little over 10 months and that was with a decent delay awaiting a CK headset to be found in Japan and possibly other delays as obviously Covid slowing things down in Japan too.

I think glitter is pretty much obligatory for a Japanese frame unless it's a Toei, Watanabe of Grand Bois :) I should really capture it better than this some time with a decent camera.