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Thread: What should a show bike be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapshot View Post
    Almost every industry that has a show or showcase has some sort of awards within. Whether it be the Westminster dog show, the music industry, Screen Actors Guild, etc all have some sort of awards for recognizing the achievements of its members. I feel in the handmade industry, its also important to have recognition for those who have proven themselves to be the upper echelon to their peers and the public.

    It costs me money to have awards. However, I feel that its worth every penny. To see builders get some recognition, with more of it coming from some main media outlets. I know quite a few builders who have benefited from this exposure.

    I have sacrificed much of my time each year just to make sure NAHBS happens. Its obvious my integrity lies within our industry and not just for my own brand.

    The last few years, we have had photographers lining up 20-30 minutes ahead of the awards for a prime location to shoot the winners. In PDX, there were people that were so crowded around the stage area that it took a while for some of the winners to actually make it to the stage. Velonews did a report on the winners in Portland, as well as other mags/rags.

    All of the builders matter. The problem is one that cant be easily solved and have everyone feel that its fair, but unfortunately "fair" is something that can never be agreed upon unanimously.

    If I cut out the awards all together, we have no climax to the show on Sunday.

    Having the awards on Sunday is the perfect close to the weekend of hanging out with your brethren. It makes the weekend seem "complete". As stated above, it's a climax to the entire previous year. Some folks go home and post pics of the winners on flickr, photobucket or whatever other hosting site, websites, blogs, etc. It provides the opportunity to have extra pics and/or notoriety, which is essentially added "free" publicity. No one can complain about extra publicity. You cannot put a price on that kind of exposure.

    If you have any additional questions, please email me directly.

    Mods, please lock this thread.

    I don't understand why this thread needs to be locked. It seems to me that the conversation is interesting, informative and thoughtful.

    While I'm not a big fan of the awards or the surrounding system that decides the awards it doesn't mean that they shouldn't exist for the reasons you mention.

    It is what it is.


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    No prob. DW I'll chut this thread down the discussion needed some airing out and you most def. gave clear answers. Hoss you have alot on your plate, good luck and good speed.

    A personal plea? If you can link up some interviews and galleries here I'd appreciate it as I'm not able to travel.

    Peace, Josh



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