Well, I was doing a pro-bono restoration of a 50th anniversary Paramount for a neighbor who was severely wounded in Iraq. WTH! Thanks Dave Bohm for hooking me up with decals! So it came time for paint. The bike was originally "sable" a kind of semi-transparent black with gold pearl in it. I was debating just shooting the frame black and putting some gold pearl in the clearcoat, but I didn't think it would look quite right.

I called Waterford and got Richard Schwinn on the line. He said they carried touchup paint in that color and now called it "anniversary black." So I ordered a bottle. It is really thick. I was painting this week so I thought I'd see if it worked. It was definitely some kind of enamel, so I cut it with DT thinner. I used 2/3 of the little bottle and painted the whole frame. Shooting over black epoxy primer. I am going to go over the first coat for zits and missed spots, then shoot a second coat with what is left. Drying, the paint has that greasy acrylic enamel smell.

What I'm saying is that Waterford touchup paint is quality stuff and an exact match for that old paramount you are rejuvenating. And one bottle does one bike, assuming the primer coat is of a similar hue and brightness.