The cat's officially out of the bag(has been since NAHBS but the word isn't getting out very well).

I'm super stoked to start using custom-drawn CT-made Acel aluminum tubing exclusively for from here on out.
For the builders out there that are interested in building aluminum or are already building, rejoice!

Beginning in a few weeks a limited selection of 7005 and 6000 series tubes will be available. We hope to help them develop a good selection of stock road and mtb tubes in multiple lengths, diameters and butt-profiles to suit the needs of riders from small to mondo, mild to agro to help the aluminum community aggressively elevate ourselves to the top of the food chain. They want to hear from everyone else out there too. If you've had tube drawings ready to go for years(and lots of us do!) get them over to Acel and they'll do their best to make your long held dreams into reality. This is a great opportunity to get a mtb chainstay design that works for modern bike, those shorter top-tubes we've all needed for years and a downtube optimized for crown clearance on 29r's

A full line of steel tubing is also in the pipeline after they have dialed in their aluminum process. TrueTemper better look out.

You can thank everyone's friend Wade Barosci for making this happen. Dave Bohm too.
Thanks Wade and Dave!