This is a restoration I did on a 50th Anniversary Paramount, for my neighbor Mike O. Mike served two tours in Iraq as a truck driver with the Idaho National Guard. When he left on his first tour he asked if I could do anything with the frame, which survived a fire and building collapse. I said I would try - as it turned out the black stuff on the frame was cooked paint, not scale, and the silver was intact in all the main triangle lugs.

I replaced the seat- and chainstays with the appropriate Columbus pieces, and got close as possible with the brake bridge and reinforcements. I also reused the original Shimano dropouts, seatstay caps, chainstay bridge and chain hanger. I used silver where Waterford used silver and bronze where they used bronze.

over my customary PPG white epoxy and 2-part sandable primer I shot Paramount "Centennial Black" enamel - a touchup bottle will shoot a frame easily. The graphics are SSSink courtesy of Dave Bohm.

I would like to thank Bradley Herron for his $50 donation toward the project. When Mike asked me how much he owed, I said "Nothing. We owe you. Thanks for your service."