Greetings Velocipede!

My name is Reuben, I hail from Melbourne Australia and am a fresh face to the framebuilding scene. In no way do I call myself a frame builder, but I hope to some day, and come here with my heart on my sleeve to to canvass the scene in my locale. I am somewhat bicycle-obsessed, and recently completely the 7 day frame building course at the Bicycle Academy in Frome, UK, and return to Melbourne within the next few days. This email is intended to address any frame builders in Melbourne/Australia who may be in a similar position as myself; ie. having built a small number of frames (or 1, to be exact), though if you're reading this and are an experienced and compassionate craftsperson who would like to lend a charitable hand then please read on, too. TBA will be shipping my frame and fork to me in Melbourne shortly and I am dying to see it completed and made into an entire bicycle. I cannot afford the overheads for everything one would find in a typical frame builders workshop, but I am keen to have a working space of my own before the end of the year, however until then I would be eternally grateful if anyone in Melbourne or Australia has a space in which they would be happy to share with someone fresh-faced such as myself. I'm willing to invest now in consumables/tools in exchange for the assistance in any way of other builders, and am so earnest in my endeavour to make this happen that I'd even be willing to travel significantly from Melbourne in order to make this happen.

Thanks for reading, and any guidance you might offer, even if only advice here on the forums.


Reuben Neeson