there are about 130 folks registered on the frameforum giving them permission to
start threads and post to others, as well as participate in Friday Night Lights atmo.

i'm asking all who read this to contact me about being part of Smoked Out. right
now, i have about 12 cats left in the queue and would like anyone who has not yet
PMed me for a spot to do so. according to my opinion, the sub-forum is a huge
success and breeds its own viralness (look it up). all of the alums regularly prop
each new candidate with blog outings, tweets, and other forms of networking. it's
a good thing for all who participate, and for the framebuilding niche in general. so,
if you and i have not yet been in contact about a slot for you, please PM me post
haste. it would be a shame for so many of the f'builders here to remain in the closet.

also on my mind is this: regarding posting pics on FNL, i'd like to implore each and
every framebuilder who uses board to show his work to puleeeeeeeeease remember
that we are here not just on fridays but all seven days in the week. to wit, i would love
it if all of you - and i mean to a man - spent time on the general board and became a
regulars in the community atmo. it's cool to send over some attachments once a week
but it would be way cooler to stay the other six days too. asshat me if you disagree.

hey - thanks for reading.