I am just starting on getting into this whole thing on a very hobby basis. I will be starting out just doing lugs. I have access to a torch, a vise, and I can make some tubing blocks. I have most of the normal hand tools that one would have, hacksaw, hammers, wrenches, and such. I am doing this jigless and without holesaws. Therefore, I will need some files.

Of course, once I get going I am sure, like all of you, I will come to find my favorite sizes and styles for particular applications. I am not at that point yet. What I am looking for is a decent set or maybe I will need a couple of sets (large and small) of basic files that will get me started. I know there are some quality differences with these and the research I have done has told me to steer clear of Nicholson (unless I can still find some made in US) and that Grobet (sp?) is a good brand to start off with.

With all this in mind, can anyone point me in the direction of some starter sets so I can start hacking up some random tubes and burning shit with fire? Thanks!