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    Surfboards may be the vehicle, but it's a nice view of one perspective on industrial evolution and the affect of technology on individuals and work, and the different foci (all legitimate) that can be found within any area of human endeavour vis-a-vis automation vs. "by hand". While I have much respect for the long time professionals I equally value the dedicated amateur and backyard hacks; that's where innovation frequently comes from, and there is something essentially human about being able to build a serviceable device by yourself, even if it won't win any contests. Dave articulates that perspective better than I can. Teaching is, after all, not entirely a one way street.

    new doc 3_1.jpg
    new doc 3_2.jpg
    new doc 3_3.jpg
    new doc 3_4.jpg
    new doc 3_5.jpg
    new doc 3_6.jpg
    new doc 3_7.jpg
    new doc 3_8.jpg
    new doc 3_9.jpg
    new doc 3_10.jpg
    new doc 3_11.jpg
    new doc 3_12.jpg

    Printed here by permission of Surfers Journal.
    John Clay
    Tallahassee, FL
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    Um yeah that's a lot to digest, but yeah a fellas gotta handle his self in all situations, be it big waves, big mtn, or big life.
    Drew Gillingwators

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