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Thread: Carbon swingarm/aluminium bearing pivot carrier bonding?

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    Default Carbon swingarm/aluminium bearing pivot carrier bonding?

    Hello all, I made one of my boys a FS bike and re-purposed a Yeti 575 swingarm. The bike works great for him. This past weekend the swingarm became wiggly and we saw that the aluminium pivot-bearing carrier was loose in the swingarm. We dis-assembeled it and the pivot carrier slid out of the end of the swingarm. Neither the swingarm nor the aluminium piece looks to be damaged. We are planning on just re-bonding the two pieces back together and away we go. Interestingly there doesn't look to be too much old epoxy on the aluminium piece.

    I am looking for epoxy and prep recommendations. My plan would be to sandblast the aluminium tab to clean and give some tooth for the glue. Clean the carbon socket with acetone(?). And glue it up.

    This is the bike, we flipped the dopgbone and goofed with the dogbone pivot location to get it to work for him and get some more standover clearance:


    Thanks for any guidance on this matter. Good day - B
    Bob Spooner
    Departing from
    East Hampton, CT

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    Default Re: Carbon swingarm/aluminium bearing pivot carrier bonding?

    Can you post a better pic of the parts to be bonded? There should be an insulating layer, possibly glass fibre, somewhere between the carbon and the aluminium and it is important not to breach that in your prep.

    I have had good success with phosphoric acid anodisation (AKA the Boeing process) when bonding aluminium to carbon.

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