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Thread: acetylene vs propane

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    Default Re: acetylene vs propane

    bambuko- I have some concerns about using quick disconnect fittings like shown for O or A gas. My experience with these fittings on the many air lines (fed by a compressor) is that many will develop leaks with use. It's one thing to get a few PSI less in one's tire but it's all together a different possibility to allow a combustible gas and/or a strong oxidizer collect (remember that P will settle onto the floor) with an open flame nearby while one's focus isn't on the floor. Andy
    Andy Stewart

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    Default Re: acetylene vs propane

    Quote Originally Posted by bambuko View Post
    One thing that I lacked when deciding whether to follow the usual torch recomendations here, or whether to stick with what's readily available locally was side by side comparison.
    There are plenty of photos of Victor, Harris, Uniweld, Meco, etc, etc but none of them side by side with typical "lightweight" torch in UK.
    So here it is (for the UK guys):

    As you can see the lightweight shank is almost exactly the same length as Uniweld 71 (freshly arrived from US).
    Both knobs are suitably chunky, although Uniweld ones are not colour coded.
    Close proxiemity of the knobs on lightweight torch is PITA and often causes propane to be knocked out of adjustment when using oxygen knob (and vice verse).
    Uniweld (and similar) torches seem very much better in this regard.
    The weight of Uniweld is 185 grams and lightweight torch is 275 grams - not much in it afaic.
    The shape of the handles - I've never yet used Uniweld in anger so it will be interesting comparison, specially since I got used to flat handle of my old torch.
    Main decider is easy and plentiful availability of fittings - I am finding now how expensive is having to buy everything from US...

    One solution is Harris 15-4GB (i.e. old Harris 15-3 with UK fittings. The only such combination available for sale, as far as I know)
    As to the act of brazing, I prefer flat torches. Meco Midget, Meco AV-Jet, that sort of thing. No doubt I'd like the feel of the UK torch you posted and I doubt I'd have any issue with the valve placement; I think I'd like it actually. Round torches want to spin in the hand of you hold them by the cylindrical body, which I don't. I moved away from my absolute favorite Meco Midget and back to my original AW1A with 1/4" hose and BB fittings (I grip the torch by the AB adapters which emulates a flat torch and prevents rotation) simply because I needed a cutting head and wanted to minimize the amount of equipment I have. I also like the tool-less tip changes but it wasn't a deciding factor. And having lost two sets of Smith Kevlar hoses to holes I'm a dyed in the wool regular rubber hose guy. No light weight hoses for me ever again. 3/16" T rubber with BB fittings would be my choice if someone stole my 1/4" ones.

    At the risk of being labeled a heretic I'll note that I spent WAY too much time in the search for the perfect torch. I think that's a common endeavor. It just doesn't matter much, assuming we aren't talking about crazy huge stuff. I'd be perfectly happy with a larger torch. If I was in the EU I'd be using EU stuff, not going to the expense and trouble to import US iron. None of my torches improved my results. Neither did switching to LP. Spending more time brazing did.

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    Default Re: acetylene vs propane

    I built a decent number of frames with a torch the size of my forearm. So pretty much any torch is the perfect torch. Although I really like the A1WA.

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    Default Re: acetylene vs propane

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart View Post
    bambuko- I have some concerns about using quick disconnect fittings like shown for O or A gas...
    And that's why I didn't buy airline connectors... but proper propane/oxygen connectors - different design.
    Chris Kaminski

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