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    I need to put this link here so that others may find it.

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    Back in July, I found out that I need to have heart surgery. My WWW searches for info on rehab/recovery/training post surgery were fruitless. There were plenty of recommendations for people who were transitioning from sedentary status to 30 minutes of daily exercise. Nothing for me (us). I assumed there would be a web-site for people who were physically active/competitive and also had heart surgery. After months of combining different search terms, I struck pay-dirt. The Cardiac Athletes' forum section is populated by people who have been there and back. There is a guy that races our local CX series that had some valve work and an aorta repair last thanksgiving. I'm going to watch him race tomorrow. Because of stories like his, I know that I'll be back for next season's opener.

    I don't know much about search engines and stuff but I'm hoping that a few tags will get their attention. If you have any ideas to make CA easier to find, please share. Thanks,
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      Good luck and my best wishes take your time coming back