• VSalon x Wabi Woolens LS Jerseys: Pre-Order Now!

    *A portion of proceeds will go to support VSalon operations and a portion to charity. Please suggest charity. We like Kiva Kiva - Kiva Lending Team: VelocipedeSalon

    Link for pre-order:

    Here's the deal:  Old school cool.  Good looks.  Top Quality.  Solid function.  

    VSalon and Wabi have teamed up for a... wait for it... full zip wool jersey.  (thunderous applause)

    The devil is in the details.  

    We've taken Harth's experience and expertise and added our own sense of style/pride/we're better than everyone else/ what have you.  

    This black full-zip jersey features gold Velocipede V details on the breast and arm.  Fred Perry on acid. Gonzo would approve. 

    The back of the jersey is chock full o' VSalon style.  The back features a gold (because we're ballers) stripe above the pockets.  Stripes are fast, duh.  And Rapha hasn't thought to put one there; dummies. 

    A full, House-designed, Velocipede Salon logo graces the back, middle, zippered pocket creating the all new, patent pending, why didn't I think of that... wait for it... Stiffy BP.  Like your favorite chamois, Stiffy BP keeps your junk in place.  Besides, some people like a little somethin' back there; and who are we to judge?

    Timeless.  An instant classic.  Dope.  Collabo's are all the rage with the kids these days.  

    Order one and show some love to the V-place.  Ballers order a six pack.