• Velocipede Salon Frame Forum News

    The Velocipede Salon Frame Forum (VFF) is maturing.

    The VFF aims to be the place for conversation, open discussion, and the mutual exchange of ideas about modern frame construction. With an emphasis on the work, techniques, and approaches of the contemporary frame builder, the forum is open to amateurs and professionals alike. The VFF seeks not to be a “how to” on basic practices, but a place for peer exchange and encouragement.

    Since 2008, the VFFs archives and knowledge base provide a treasure trove for all interested in the niche, in design and construction, in business practices, as well as how to build frames for just fun rather than for profit. The boards are open for anyone to read, and participation open to all members.

    The Salon's forums include a Discussion section where frame builders share information, discuss technique, and talk about their work. The Friday Night Lights (FNL) section has almost 200 weeks of Fridays showing the labor from scores of builders who have captured their work on camera. This running documentary serves to mentor and inform viewers about the processes of each person posting that day as well as to show prospective clients what's new and back from the paint shop. The Smoked Out (S.O.) section is a veritable encyclopedia of who's who from the industry. The S.O. threads are open conversations started by specific builders where they discuss who they are and what they do directly with other members.

    In order to foster independent views and further an open dialogue, the VFF has created an independent group of industry experts who will act as moderators, mentors, and conversation guides.