• The Underappreciated Art of Being an Asshole.

    I awoke this morning to a slight headache, pounding on my door, and an email from DarrenCT that simply read "Dickhead v Asshole thread."

    Last night, over several rounds, we got into the subtleties between being just an asshole (henceforth referred to here as being a dickhead for clarity) and being a really, truly great asshole. I've always admired truly great assholes. There is an art to being a truly great asshole.

    In my opinion, a dickhead is someone who is rude for little purpose, and to little effect. He usually doesn't even realize he's a dickhead. There is either an over-inflated self-awareness, or no self awareness at all. An asshole, however, is someone who has honed his craft, and is able to tailor his words and actions in order to truly benefit from his current situation. If done well, being an asshole will not only net results, but changes others' viewpoints. To be blunt with a purpose, to have meaning. To use reason, logic, and pull emotional strings. A balancing act of brains and bravado.

    Here's to the assholes of the world...

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