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    Never "THERE"
    My youngest daughter is a High School math teacher. She gives that fraction demonstration with each of her classes where a student will start at one side of the room and walk half way, then half way again, and again, etc. until they are "almost" across the room.

    There are all sorts of ways to take my daughter's lesson to heart. I've been building for over thirty four years now and have built and / or worked on many thousands of frames. It is funny how after I had built my first 50, I figured that I had it nailed. Now, thousands of frames later, I know that I don't.

    Anyone, in any endeavor who tells you that they have it licked is someone who you may not want to work with. Take someone like Keith Winnick. The guy makes absolutely beautiful pottery. Prime time stuff. Does he sit on his laurels? No way. He is constantly testing new ideas and asking his customers for their opinions. His work is never quite "there" for him, as beautiful as it is.

    The best know that they are not there yet and constantly try to get there. Each step is smaller, but there is always another step. Keep walking. If you think you are there, hang it up, you're done. Have a nice weekend.
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      Well said, Tom!