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    Following a few PLLEEASSES from Richard I have finally found a few moments to (dictate while my lovely wife types) so that you guys can learn a little about me and ask the burning questions. I built my first bike when I was sixteen while on work experience with an eccentric yet highly skilled frame builder in Melbourne Australia. We lived out of town a bit, too far to run to see mates so riding was the only option. I did a whole lot of racing as a junior with guys who went on to ride for pro teams. At the ripe old age of 17 I was mowed down by a car travelling at 120kph (75mph) just meters from our front gate on return from a training ride. I still carry the scars and the biomechanically challenged body that the accident created.

    In order to ride again without pain I took a keen interest in biomechanics and from there built myself bikes with seat angles of 75 degrees to 69 degrees.

    I was lucky enough at a young age to have a mentor in the industry and to have access to a workshop full of tools. I then went on to complete an apprenticeship as an Aircraft Mechanical Engineer while still riding and building primarily for myself and a few mates. I started selling my first commercial bikes in 1996 and Baum cycles became a full time job in 2001.

    Our business model in Australia is direct to the consumer, with majority of customers coming direct to the factory for a fit. The build and finishing process is completed in house at Baum, and given that I'm pretty damn fussy when it comes to details that suits just fine. I have built lugged, pressed and investment cast (both with silver and brass), fillet brazed (silver & brass), TIG in steel, aluminium and titanium. Currently primarily building titanium but I still ride a steel bike.

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