Ballers Ride V.2 May 25-27, 2012

Presented by: Velocipede Salon


A weekend of road and cx riding with custom builders and VSalon Founder Josh Simonds. Builders include Zanconoto Cycles, Jonathan Greene CyclesGaulzetti Cicli, and Richard Sachs Cycles .

Terms - Payment is due in full immediately after email confirmation. Joshua Simonds at this address. Send Paypal to BR 2012. Included are 2 nights double occupancy rooms or tent camping. (Helpful hint -find a roommate and sign up together), two and a half days of road/cx riding, and a perfect venue to meander, hike, or design the ultimate all rounder/D2R2 bike. Cost is $350 room/$250 tent for the weekend and includes breakfast and lunch. You get one chance to attend the second version of this yearly event. Location: Nelly's Ford, Virginia

Day Trippers - You are welcome to arrive and ride Saturday and Sunday.  This includes talks and use of bathrooms for showering etc.  This does not include breakfast or  lunch.  Cost for each day is $75 and both days $125.  Please contact Josh Simonds or Richard Sachs before sending any payment.

Dovetailing off of last year's successful Saturday evening storytelling time hosted by Mike Zanconato and Jonathan Greene, we are planning even more intimacy and commingling with the framebuilder crowd. New for 2012 we' will ramp it up a notch and have a 3D version of Smoked Out and Friday PicFest rolled into one. To that end I am making this an open invitation to framebuilders who want to ride hard, party hard, and also hold court.  Are you interested in infecting a captive audience with your enthusiasm and special stories for an hour or more?  If so, we want you. P.S. Don't even think of asking about this if you can't bring a bicycle to display and use to point out the finer details of your work. We'll have a room full of children who just love eye candy. 
Builders please contact Josh Simonds or Richard Sachs for details.

Itinerary :

Friday - Arrive after 12pm for a quick road ride . Help lay out CX course for the weekend.

Saturday - 9am long Baller's Ride 80 or 100 miles in the mountains including some "adventure" roads. All riders must use 28mm or larger tires and carry sufficient supplies to fix on the road problems. BE PREPARED! If you're still alive we'll do late afternoon slow laps on the 'cross course to help beat down the grass.

Saturday Ballers Salon - After the ride it's "Open Mic Night" with framebuilders. This includes bicycle display walk arounds and face time with some tired framebuilders. This is an open discussion with luminaries of the framebuilding world hosted by Too Tall including comments fielded from VelocipedeSalon (live) .

Saturday Night - VSalon Bro-down hosted by we the people.

Sunday - Breakfast with the new kids. The new builders will host a coffee talk and take questions. New builders and small timers, this is your chance to display what you got!!! I'll supply the coffee, you bring the goods

Sunday CX BallDrop Racing - Mid-day we'll have a cyclocross event including: CX Time Trials, Relays and more. What builders are fast? Come find out.

Sunday Talks with Mike Zanconoto and Jon Greene - Open discussion with Mike Zanconato and Jonathan Greene and late lunch hosted and prepared by Jonathan Greene Cycles will begin the last scheduled function of the weekend. Eat. Chat. Fill plates over and over. Go home with heads, stomachs, and memory chips full.

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