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    by Published on 06-26-2010 09:16 PM

    Unsurprisingly, Jan didn't like it. Some choice quotes:

    "To my surprise, the bike and I could go significantly faster. The bike was not giving me feedback about how hard I was working. Unlike more flexible frames, it was not enticing me to try harder and go faster."

    "the handlebars were about 40 mm higher than I would prefer. Even so, it did not seem to limit my performance."

    "I was not prepared for the Pegoretti's lack of acceleration."

    "I found the Pegoretti too unstable to inspire confidence."

    "Overall, the appeal of the Pegoretti probably lies more in the name and the story behind the brand, rather than the actual bike."

    And one bonus...

    "This means that bike handling may be less important for professional racers than it is for enthusiast riders who like to explore the limits of tire adhesion as they enjoy their bikes."