This was a recent aquisition, but I'm looking to make room for another project.

Original CR works from the last year of production before they went away. Was a demo bike at cycles by kyle in Philly before I purchased it a few months ago. They claimed less than 100 miles on it since it was in the shop. I swapped out the fussy campy headset for a king, and put new ultegra 6700 gear on it. I've been out on it about 6 times since I had it and it is proudly hung on my rack at the office.

Tom Kellog said this is as good as it gets for 'production' Ti bikes, and from where I'm sitting it is basically the equivalent of a Spectrum Ti super but with a set of merlin decals on it.

Custom paint from Kyle, no blemishes or flaws whatsoever.

I probably paid more than I should've for it, but where else can you find another one of these in new condition at this point?

Nice review and geo table here Merlin ~ Jan 06
This is the 55.5 top tube size.

Just want to get most of my original investment out of it. $1850 gets the frameset including shipping in CONUS. Paypal fees on you or use e-check. 5% to the forum.

For the bike as shown without wheels or pedals, I would do $2500