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Thread: Recall by Redline

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    Default Recall by Redline

    Came across this FWIW:

    And just in time as I'm considering building a fork for the first time...

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    I wanted a beater winter frameset and picked up one of these in November. The frame came through with an ovaled lower headtube. Redline sent a new frame and I hung onto the fork. Then, the fork was recalled per your link above. I was given a choice - wait ? weeks for an exact/same model replacement or an immediate '09 full carbon from the next model up. ...with mismatched paint. I took the full carbon and had it repainted.

    Had my first ride on it last week.

    Sort of like George Washington's axe - it's had 3 new heads and 4 new handles, but it once belonged to him...

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    I would be really interested in knowing what they did wrong. I wouldn't trust someone's frame if I didn't trust their fork even given that I understand why people are skittish about forks.



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