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Thread: new Hampsten website

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    Default new Hampsten website

    more beauty from pal Steve. clean, organized, and professional.
    well done SH!

    Hampsten Cycles

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    Default Re: new Hampsten website

    I really like this video from the site:
    The Rapha Continental: Santa Rosa, California with Andy Hampsten | Hampsten Cycles
    Andy is a cool guy, nice bikes, awesome place to ride there, it's all good.

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    Default Re: new Hampsten website

    Major props to Martin Fernandez for the new look. Martin is also responsible for and - talented gent!
    Steve Hampsten
    "hey, we got grenades!"
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    Default Re: new Hampsten website

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ham! I want a track bike, but priorities aren't lining up right now... oscar beckons
    steve cortez

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