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Thread: Mirrors and projections

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    Default Mirrors and projections

    So there has been a bit of discussion about whether or not one wears a mirror & how cars soon may be sold with the ability to project information on the windshield with the wave of a hand. Here's a new piece of tech that fits on glasses, ostensibly for motorcyclists, but I could see Garmin or SRM setting up a connection with their GPS or power meters (or both - wooooo) so that a cyclist's Brikos would reflect a scattering of info back into their eyeball.

    Lumus' OE-31 optical engine turns motorcycle helmets, other eyewear into wearable displays -- Engadget

    Would you buy one? No looking down away from the road, no vision issues with screens, no chunky piece of plastic lashed to the handlebar. Heck it might even show you what gear your Di2 was in or if there was a car behind you. Or if your wife or husband was calling on your smart phone in your jersey pocket about whether or not you remembered to pick up your daughter/dog/llama from school/kennel/llama day camp.


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    Default Re: Mirrors and projections

    No thank you please. Enough already! I'm having a hard time not throwing paint balloons at people who drive with a cell phone plastered to their ear while turning a corner and sipping hot coffee with two screaming kids in the backseat...and the radio on < Modern Lovers reference just in case you missed it.


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    Default Re: Mirrors and projections

    can it tell me when my soft boiled egg is just right?

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    Default Re: Mirrors and projections

    One of the big reasons I go out and ride is to get away from gizmos, gadgets, phone calls, and information diarrhea that inevitably intrudes so rudely and so often on my home and work life.

    I've found riding has amazing cleansing properties.

    I sure as hell don't want any of that shite clogging up my eyeglasses... gets in the way of my ride, the focus, the endorphin rush, and the scenery on the roads and trails I'm grateful I had the time to get out onto.

    I bet eventually thought it'll get out there and then people will pay extra for the override option to toggle the technology they paid for off.

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    Default Re: Mirrors and projections

    Anything that distracts from a driver's focus on keeping the vehicle between the lines and not running me over is a PROBLEM!



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